25 May 2008. We have just arrived at KLIA. That lovely young lady with Nigel is his classmate Audrey who is on the way to Japan with her mom. We happened to be on the same flight coming out of Kuching and bumped into them at the airport.

Tina pushing Sharlene on the trolley at KLIA. It's Tina's first trip abroad and first time on a plane. She was so excited and happy to be given the chance to go to KL. She wanted to go on a shopping spree as her contract will end soon. I had promised her this trip before she goes home.

We've arrived at the Federal Hotel. We are staying in Bukit Bintang so Ah Ta can go to Jln Alor which he used to do on his own in the past when he accompanied me to KL for my work. Also more varieties of shopping in BB. The poster is our first PM shouting "Merdeka!" on Independence Day.

In our hotel room at the Fed. We took 2 connecting rooms and Sharlene could run to and fro.

26 May 2008.We are at Mid Valley Mega Mall. Sharlene loves to come to Mega Kids play area here. She is so excited to play with her kakak on the giant slides at this place. Gina has gone shopping while I take care of Sharlene. Ah Ta and Nigel are back in Bukit Bintang taking a walk by themselves cos Mid Valley too far from the hotel for him.

This is a little coffee shop along a lane parallel to Jln Alor. It sells the best cha siew and chicken rice in KL. Every trip, Nigel and I must go there. He nicknamed the chicken 'swallowing chicken' when he was little cos he reckons the chicken is so smooth that you swallow it without chewing! The cha siew is really special.

Does it look good or what? And it tastes even bette

Sharlene posing in our hotel room. Having only a brother, she tends to follow him. He likes martial arts so she wants to learn to fight too.

I love this pic. Dig that smile!

One of my favourite pictures.

Hey, it's 27 May 2008 and it's Gina's birthday. They've just delivered her birthday cake. We are celebrating at the Revolving Restaurant in the Federal Hotel where we are staying.

And look who is here to join us - uncle Jimson! He came specially to join in the birthday celebration and encountered a terrific traffic jam in Bukit Bintang.

Nigel and Sharlene at the coffee shop next to the Royale Bintang. We call it the 'Tung Ku Kai Kiok Place'

This is the 'tung ku kai kiok min' otherwise known as mushroom chicken feet noodles. Nigel says it's the best he's ever eaten. It does look good, doesn't it? I like the curry chicken mee in this shop.

Meet this Russian lass. She's only 16 (Nigel's age). She's travelling alone and on the way to Oz. Sharlene met her at KLIA (she was sitting on the floor with her laptop) and Sharlene struck up a conversation with her. They exchanged email addresses.


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