There is a strong push to return to teaching Science and Mathematics in BM. It was reported in the New Sunday Times that Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris lecturer Professor Datuk Dr Isahak Haron says the change to English was an ’irresponsible move’, and many students lost out because of the policy."

Apparently, a study showed that it would take rural students another 10 or 20 years to adapt to teaching these 2 subjects in English. The professor is not prepared to invest the time. I wonder if he considers the difficulty of Malaysian students competing on the world stage where these 2 subjects are taught principally in English? Do we sacrifice long term gains because we are not prepared to endure some short term pain?

There are many things that Dr Mahathir has done which I disagree with but in this one respect, I think he has got it right. The change to teaching these 2 subjects in English will stand Malaysia in good stead in the future. To reverse this policy would be, in my view, a retrogressive step. 

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