I had breakfast with an old friend today. Talk turned to the newspapers headlines. Ian Chin J had dismissed the election petition filed to challenge the victory of the BN candidate Ding in the seat of Sarikei in the recent General Election. The decision of the court came as a bit of a surprise to many (except die-hard SUPP supporters) because the win in that constituency had only a razor-thin majority. True, that is not a legal ground but surely it must have weighed in the mind of the judge that the result was far from conclusive there.

My friend asked me if the call by DAP c Karpal Singh to dismiss the judge who heard the petition could have had any impact. With Ian Chin, I rather doubt it. I don't think he would be that petty. But certainly, when Karpal made the call in parliament, it must have given the DAP team some cause for concern. Judges are afterall human.

I thought Karpal was wrong but not for the sake of the outcome of the election petition. I didn't care one way or the other how the judgment would go. But I did care, as a matter of principle, that you do not try to shut up a whistle-blower, whether he be a lowly clerk or a judge of the high court.

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