It is reported in the Borneo Post this morning that  PRS, a component party of the Sarawak Barisan Nasional, wants what it terms as 'just rewards' for faithfully supporting the BN. Its idea of some 'just rewards' come in the form of chairmanship of some Government Linked Companies (GLCs).

Yes, we all know that the BN need the support of all its components in these testing times with Anwar promising to take over on 16 Sept. But I am disappointed with Dato Sri James Masing's demands which can only be seen as personal reward for his party leaders. What about the electorate who put them there? If the component parties are going to flex their new found muscle, for heaven's sake, flex it for the benefit of the people who put them there. This is the time and the opportunity to ask for benefits for the electorate. Not for the politicians, sheesh!

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