It is reported in the New Straits Times that a lawyer is suing High Court judge Datuk Mohd Hishamudin Mohd Yunus for RM30 million for allegedly being too slow to deliver judgment and being malicious towards his client. The Attorney General has obtained leave of the Court to cite that lawyer for contempt. Rightly so, in my view.

If prompt action is not taken to nip such a frivolous suit in the bud, other litigants who lose cases in court will blame the judge and we will be inundated with such senseless litigation. Justice Hishamudin Yunus is well-known as one of the most independent and fair-minded judge in the country.

Wong Ching Yong
9/9/2008 01:34:14 pm

It is an interesting and courageous development.....Judges can be sued too and must be sued for wrong doings...Remember the great Lord Denning who made a remark in his book"What next in the Law"that jurors coming from overseas might not be suitable to serve on juries.That passage was seized upon by many commenters and that the black jurors in the Bristol riot trial wanted to sue Lord Denning for libel for his comments made on the Bristol riot trial..... "packed jury overloaded with "coloured people'.....If Lord Denning can be sued,why can't a Malaysian citizen,let alone a learned lawyer, sue the judge,whom in his opinion, is inefficient......

7/9/2015 07:56:36 am

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