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A week or two ago, I read in the papers of a young woman who had a slight traffic collision with a person who identified himself as a policeman. He was alleged to have come at her with gun in hand and caused damage to her car as well as threatened her with bodily harm. Thankfully, she was not shot. It was also reported that shortly thereafter, this same chap threatened another driver with his gun. Police  reports have been lodged.

What is amazing is that, to date, nothing has been heard of from the police. Surely their investigation has been completed by now. If a cop was involved, he should have been suspended immediately and the case referred to the DPP for prosecution. Perception is everything and unfortunately, in this case, the police are perceived to be doing nothing. They should come out with an immediate press statement as to the action they have taken.  


It is reported in the New Straits Times that a lawyer is suing High Court judge Datuk Mohd Hishamudin Mohd Yunus for RM30 million for allegedly being too slow to deliver judgment and being malicious towards his client. The Attorney General has obtained leave of the Court to cite that lawyer for contempt. Rightly so, in my view.

If prompt action is not taken to nip such a frivolous suit in the bud, other litigants who lose cases in court will blame the judge and we will be inundated with such senseless litigation. Justice Hishamudin Yunus is well-known as one of the most independent and fair-minded judge in the country.


There is a strong push to return to teaching Science and Mathematics in BM. It was reported in the New Sunday Times that Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris lecturer Professor Datuk Dr Isahak Haron says the change to English was an ’irresponsible move’, and many students lost out because of the policy."

Apparently, a study showed that it would take rural students another 10 or 20 years to adapt to teaching these 2 subjects in English. The professor is not prepared to invest the time. I wonder if he considers the difficulty of Malaysian students competing on the world stage where these 2 subjects are taught principally in English? Do we sacrifice long term gains because we are not prepared to endure some short term pain?

There are many things that Dr Mahathir has done which I disagree with but in this one respect, I think he has got it right. The change to teaching these 2 subjects in English will stand Malaysia in good stead in the future. To reverse this policy would be, in my view, a retrogressive step. 


It is reported in the Borneo Post this morning that  PRS, a component party of the Sarawak Barisan Nasional, wants what it terms as 'just rewards' for faithfully supporting the BN. Its idea of some 'just rewards' come in the form of chairmanship of some Government Linked Companies (GLCs).

Yes, we all know that the BN need the support of all its components in these testing times with Anwar promising to take over on 16 Sept. But I am disappointed with Dato Sri James Masing's demands which can only be seen as personal reward for his party leaders. What about the electorate who put them there? If the component parties are going to flex their new found muscle, for heaven's sake, flex it for the benefit of the people who put them there. This is the time and the opportunity to ask for benefits for the electorate. Not for the politicians, sheesh!