2 Rapes in 3 Days - LEGAL & OTHER THOUGHTS by George Lo

Recently in Kuching, 2 school girls were raped in broad daylight. One was raped under an overpass bridge in Petra Jaya. She had been sitting on the bridge waiting for her parents to pick her up. Her assailant grabbed her by the neck and dragged her under the bridge and raped her.

My lawyer friends SN Voon and Ann Teo have been vocal in condemning the heinous acts and calling on the police to take action to ensure the security of the kids.

My view on this which I expressed to Voon is that primary responsibility rests with us as parents. We have to make sure our children are not placed in a situation where they can come to harm. If they have to wait to be picked up after school, they must wait in a secure place where there are other people  around.

The police have promised to step up patrols but the criminals will still look for windows of opportunities because the police cannot be everywhere all the time. I can only hope that parents will learn a lesson from the tragedy that had befallen the 2 poor girls and ensure that something like that does not happen again.

9/20/2012 10:16:45 pm

I must say that it's awful. This event definitely influenced the mental world of this girls. People who did such awful things are worse than animals. Parents be strong and try to help your children to forget this dreadful day!


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